Creativity? Innovation? You can only imagine.

How do you imagine?

You use your imagination every day, but how well does it work for you? Do you generate lots of ideas, ideas that you value, or do you struggle to be creative?

Welcome to H-IQ.

H-IQ (Hunter Imagination Questionnaire) is an individualized assessment of your imagination - how you generate and value your own ideas.

Through H-IQ, you will explore, document and enhance your imagination. You will be engaged in the three steps of the creative process:

  1. Preparation
  2. Inspiration
  3. Incubation

The fourth step - implementation - is up to you.

You will complete the sessions by responding to a prompt as a launching point for your imagination. Start writing down whatever ideas come to mind based on the prompt. Write only as much as you need to remember your idea. You may also note why the idea appeals to you.

An idea is something original or novel to you. Your ideas can be about anything - they can be mundane or exciting. Maybe it’s a place to vacation or a plan to clean out your garage. It could be a minor change in your daily routine or an elaborate plan for the future. Ideas are like bridges: a few are grand, like the Golden Gate Bridge, but most are pedestrian. You need all kinds of ideas - simple, dream-like, utilitarian, revolutionary, and fantastic. Let your ideas flow. Feel free to pick and choose because more ideas will come.

Your imagination is distinct, unique to only you. So, there are no correct answers in this assessment. No one is identified as "winner" or "loser", creative or not creative. Please record your ideas with honesty and freedom. What you write will remain anonymous. H-IQ is a time for you to conduct a quiet examination of your thinking. Each brief session (8 minutes or less) should be as free from distractions and interruptions as possible to allow the free flow of your imagination.

Write as many ideas as you can. If you have only a few ideas today, or none at all, it doesn’t matter: you will repeat the assessment three more times.

Between sessions, you will generate more ideas. Feel free to record them in your next session.

If you like your ideas, how can you expand on them? What else can you generate?

Record all your ideas for each session, then hit the submit button. You can continue writing for eight minutes. You can begin the next session after three days, or wait up to seven days.

At the end of the sessions, review all your ideas from each session and complete a short questionnaire about your responses.